Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally it looks like I am going to be on my way back to Africa

After staying behind to help with the new little addition to our family and collecting enough days to apply for my Canadian Citizenship, the time has come that I can once again spread my wings.

I leave in two weeks for Burundi and will be living in Bujumbura where Vianney has been for the last 2 months.

It is going to be difficult to leave our little family behind here but as a good friend pointed out to me that it would be "sweeter to see them again after some time" thanks Irina for your kind words :) I am grateful for the Internet it will not be that bad with Skype to follow there progress.

I have just heard positive things about Burundi and cannot wait to share my discoveries with you , I know that Vianney has enjoyed his time there.......

So in two weeks time I will start to blog from Bujumbura....................:)

I am loking forward to my new adventure .

In the meantime look at this web address for more information on Burundi -

look up Burundi/


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