Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Information to Share

Hi ....I have not been back to my blog in for the past year back in Canada and really enjoying been back home again.
We have got very involved in new projects, doing some home improvements and bought a new property with a little forest ...hopefully we will build a new home there sometime in the future We are expecting a new little grand baby soon so life has continued to be interesting and busy.
I am missing the traveling and visiting interesting places , but I am sure that will change soon in the future. I am collecting enough days towards applying for my Canadian once that is done I am sure I will get to visit far away places once more.
For those of you coming to my Blog for information .....I just found the"Newcomers Guide to Kinshasa" here is the add :
You will find addresses and things of interest ....from grocery shops..doctors, and hairdressers hospitals go and have a look :)

I hope you find this useful , for the time that I was in Kinshasa I too belonged to the International Woman's Club and found them very welcoming and a great Organisation to belong to .


baresytapas said...

I came to this place by chance, but I found very interesting. Greetings to all the people who visit this page.

ColoredOpinions said...

interesting to read you are back to blogging. I will read your new comers guide

Stephen J said...

Awesome link to the IWC thank you! My wife and I are looking to move there (also from Canada) to work after I finish @ University in 2012.. once again, thanks!

Edith said...

Thanks for the feedback....Hope you will enjoy your time in DRC...the IWC is such a good place to start making friends. When you get there the American Embassy will be able to tell you where the meetings are held....alot of the meetings were hosted at the home of the USA Embassy, when i was there.....take care !